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Western Samar

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Western Samar


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Catbalogan as the provincial capital of Western Samar is the center of commercial activities for the entire Province of Samar, as well as for some town of Northern & Eastern Samar, being the only port where boats from Manila & Cebu make regular calls, majority of passenger, and the bulk of goods and from these two metropolitan center have to pass through Catbalogan. The city of Calbayog, 65 km in the north, belongs also to Western Samar and provides new infrastructure such an airport and port facilities. Four colleges in the area offer vocational, technical & post graduate courses (higher education).
Through the stepwise extension of the road system such as farm-to-market roads the agricultural production is increasing. The source of locally produced primary food is also stimulating the food-processing industry in the area of Western Samar. A similar development is starting also on the eco-tourism sector. Wonderful beach sites and diving spots have been explored within the last years. Investments are needed to use the potentials.

The Catbalogan Chamber of Commerce and Industry has recently been relaunched and has dynamically started to become the voice of business. In closed cooperation with the Department of Trade and Industry and certain governmental departments the structural improvement for business is gaining force.



Samar, formerly Western Samar, is a province in the Philippines located in the Eastern Visayas region. Its capital is Catbalogan City and covers the western portion of Samar Island as well as several islands in the Samar Sea located to the west of the mainland. Catbalogan City and Calbayog City, two of the three cities of Samar Island, are located in the province of Samar. Bordering the province to the north is Northern Samar and to the east is Eastern Samar. Samar is connected to Leyte via the San Juanico Bridge, which spans the San Juanico Strait, the narrowest strait in the country. To the south of the province is the Leyte Gulf.


Geographic Coordinates

11 ̊ 50’ North, 125 ̊ 00’ East

Land Area

5,591 square kilometers


Samar province falls under the 2nd and the 4th type of climate. The 2nd type is characterized by having no dry season with a very pronounced maximum rain period which usually occurs in December to January. Areas characterized by this climate are generally along or very near the eastern coast, thus are open to the northeast monsoon. Municipalities in the southeastern part of the province experience this type of climate.
For the 4th type of climate, rainfall is more or less evenly distributed throughout the year. This is an intermediate between the 1st and 2nd types, although it resembles the 2nd type more closely since it has no dry season.



Samar province is hilly, has some mountain peaks ranging from 200 to 800 meters high and narrow strips of lowlands, which tend to lie in coastal peripheries or in the alluvial plains and deltas accompanying large rivers.  The largest lowlands are located along the northern coast extending up to the valleys of Catubig and Catarman rivers.  Smaller lowlands in Samar are to be found in the Calbayog area and on the deltas and small valleys of Gandara and Ulot rivers.  Slopes are generally steep and bare of trees due to deforestation.  Run-off waters after heavy rains can provoke flooding in low-lying areas and the erosion of the mountains enlarges the coastal plains of the province.


Natural Resources

Limestone, Hematite and magnetite chromate, nickel and manganese are the major ore commodities of Samar.  Copper, minor zinc and lead are usually in the primary form of sulfide and associated with abundant pyrite (Minerals)


Provincial officials

Governor : Sharee Ann Tan
Vice Governor : Stephen James Tan
Board Members :

  • Charlito Coñejos
  • Noel Sermense
  • Renato Uy
  • Jasper Sumagang
  • Prudencio Dy, Jr.
  • Eunice Babalcon
  • Jimmy Dy
  • Arthur Vaughn Zosa
  • Luzviminda Nacario
  • Juan Latorre, Jr.
  • Joseph Escober, Jr., Ex-officio
Contact Information

Address : Samar Capitol Building, 6700 Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines
Phone Number: (63 55) 356-1202 / 356-1203 / 251-2484
Website :

2010-2013 Medium-Term Development Plan

Special Economic Programs

Catbalogan City Officials (2010-2013)

Mayor : Coefredo Uy
Vice Mayor : Art Sherwin Gabon
City Councilors :

  • Stephany Tan
  • Ernesto Arcales
  • Jovito Redaja
  • Christine Joy Escober
  • Rodrigo Perez III
  • Rodolfo Aquino
  • Teodoro Ilagan
  • Joselito Mendoza
  • Maximo Pescos
  • Nanette Sabenecio
Contact Information

Address : Catbalogan City Hall, Rizal Avanue, 6700 Catbalogan City, Samar, Philippines
Phone Number:
Fax: (63 55) 251-3106 / 356-1238



No data at the moment

Primer on investment policies in the Philippines (Click Here)


 As of August 2007, the National Statistics Office (NSO) pegged the total population of Samar (Western), at 695,149 persons with an annual population growth rate (PGR) of 1.12 percent for the period 2000 to 2007.  This translates to approximately 718,506 individuals as of 2010.

Population by Age Group & Sex as of Year 2007



Labor Force

Based on the 2007 National Statistics Office (NSO) data, the proportion of household population in the working age group (15 to 64 years) was 53.7 percent. The number of households was posted at 135,355 in 2007 with an average household size of 5.1 persons.  This is approximately 370,696 individuals in the workforce. 


Education & Training

Literacy Rate: 85.42 % (Source:Click Here)


Educational Attainment Categories and Technical Courses

Technical Courses Offered:
'/1 Driving, welding, electronics, etc.
'/2 Associate courses: Computer Science, Architecture, Office Management, etc.
'/3 Accountancy, Business, Commerce, Engineering, Computer Science, Fine Arts, Architecture, Aircraft Maintenance, Criminology, etc.
Masters in: Psychology, Guidance Counseling, Business Administration, Mathematics, etc.
'/4 Doctorate Courses; Doctor of Philosophy in: Business Management, Human Resource Management, etc.

Sources: (Click Here)


Number of Educational Institutions


No data yet to furnish

Economic Indicators

Consumer Price Index
Php 167.20 (January 2010)

Inflation Rate
3.90 % (January 2010)

Purchasing Power of the Peso
Php 0.60 (January 2010)

Unemployment Rate
6.4 % (for Region 8, January 2010 Labor Force Survey)

Family Income & Expenditures

Average family income: Php 126,000 (Region 8, as of Year 2006)
Average family Expenditures: Php 104,000 (Region 8, as of Year 2006)
Poverty and subsistence threshold: Php 13,869 (Annual, 2006)
Percent of population below poverty and subsistence threshold: 19.70 % (as of year 2006)

Trade & Industry

Department of Trade and Industry- Samar
Address: 2/F Moratal Bldg. cor. Mabini Avenue and San Francisco Street Catbalogan, Samar
Phone Number: (+6355) 251.2196 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              (+6355) 251.2196      end_of_the_skype_highlighting / 251.6417
Fax Number: (+6355) 251.2196

 Industrial Establishments
Leading Non-traditional Exports
Leading Domestic Items Traded
Leading Domestic Trade Partner

Special Economic Programs

Notes: narrative information.

Laws & Regulations


Minimum Wage Rates

(source: National Wages and Productivity Commission,


Labor Code


The following list of core conventions of the International Labor Organization (ILO)  has been ratified by the Philippine Government. Core Convention N° 29 (Forced Labor) has not been ratified. Click the Philippine Labor Code in full.  Click for the ‘Conditions on Employment’, 'Health, Safety and Social Welfare’, and 'Labor Relations’.



Investment Incentive Act

An act prescribing incentives and guarantees to investments in the Philippines, For more details (Click Here) creating a Board of Investments (BOI).  





Visa information for foreigners

Nationals from nearly all countries are traveling to the Philippines for business purposes are allowed to enter the Philippines without visas for a stay not exceeding twenty-one (21) days, provided they hold valid tickets for their return journey to port of origin or next port of destination and their passports valid for a period of at least six (6) months beyond the contemplated period of stay. However, Immigration Officers at ports of entry may exercise their discretion to admit holders of passports valid for at least sixty (60) days beyond the intended period of stay. 

The main department for getting a working visa is the Bureau of Immigration and the Department of Labor. A list with all visa expenses you find here (Click). Further useful downloads on visa information you find here (Click).


Business Registration Process in the Philippines


Agencies Involved in Business Registration, Permits and Licensing


Government Agencies Involved in Business Registration


To view in detail for the website of the Government Agencies Click the following : 


Typical Flow of Business Permit Process for New Application


Exemplary Laws and Regulations on Business Registration, Permits and Licensing


Investment Promotion

Click to view Samar Investment Promotions Center.

Key Sectors

Philippine Cities Competitiveness Ranking Project 2007 (Source: PCCRP 2007)


Telecommunication Providers and Payment
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Electric Power Price per Supplier
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Water Supply

Water Utilities & Rates
Source: Local Water Utilities Administration (LWUA,



Registered Vehicles (2003 figures)
Source: National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB,




Air Transport Companies & Websites
Notes: Air Transport Companies & Websites has a link for the lists of the air transport companies with its website links.


Domestic base port:
Terminal Ports:
Sub ports:
Municipal fish ports:

Sea Transport Companies & Websites
1. Sulpicio Lines, Inc.

Land Transportation

Bus Companies:
Vehicles for hire:
Trucking Services:

Land Transport Companies & Websites
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Registered Vehicles by Year
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Waste Management

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Lists of Hotels & Websites
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Real Estate

Construction Activities
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Real Estate Companies & Websites
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Price Range According to Location
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Air Freight Companies and Websites
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Airfreight Price
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Sea Freight Companies and Websites
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Shipping Freight Price
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Land Forwarder Companies and Websites
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Land Freight Price
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